We provide delicious food for festival staff and event crews. Where possible ingredients are locally sourced and fairly traded. Food is freshly prepared with care and generously served by our front of house team. Below are sample menus.

The Mighty Cooked Breakfast

Henry's Beard - Breakfast Bap

Fact… The world record for the most people eating in bed is 289, and was set in Sydney, Australia 2nd March 2012. It involved 85 queen sized beds containing 4 people each … if you fancy helping us beat the record let us know!

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day ! Its 7am the canteen is ready, the coffee is on and breakfast is served.

Denhay bacon, free-range eggs, Linda’s veggie sausages, mushrooms with thyme, Heinz baked beans, hash browns, herb roasted tomatoes, toast and jam, marmalade etc…, cereals including muesli and granola, yoghurt and watermelon and pineapple fruit platter.

This is just a sample of course and we can design your menus to suit you and your teams preferences and budgets­­­,


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