We provide delicious food for festival staff and event crews. Where possible ingredients are locally sourced and fairly traded. Food is freshly prepared with care and generously served by our front of house team. Below are sample menus.

It’s Lunchtime!

Fact… Henry’s Beard’s busiest lunch was at Boomtown in 2019 when we surprisingly served 1015 lunches… a lot of washing up too.

Light bites, packed lunch or hearty hot lunch its up to you whatever the weather.

Pasta Carbonara – a creamy pancetta and Parmesan pasta dish served with crusty French bread, green salad of local watercress and rocket, Italian tomato, olive and basil salad

Sweet Potato and Cashew Nut Curry served with mini nan, tarka dahl, green salad, mango chutney, rahita and coconut rice

Spanish Tortilla, spinach or bacon, classic Spanish omelette  served with Bara Galagra bread rolls, taboulleh, beetroot and red cabbage and rocket slaw, simple tomato and herb salad.

Greek Mezze, a selection to include Feta Cheese, hummous, marinaded Kalamata olives, pita bread,Greek salad, tahini and walnut dressed bean salad and green leaves

Workers Canteen Mega Dog – a 9” local gluten free sausage in a long roll with sticky onions , gherkins, sliced tomatoes , American mustard served with green baby leaf salad, potato,  red onion, mayonnaise and dill salad , marinated olives , coleslaw and chips.

Caribbean Rice with chorizo and peas – a smoky sausage dish served with green salad, red cabbage slaw and crusty bread

Jacket Potatoes – swimming in butter served with salad, home-made coleslaw, baked beans, grated cheese, hummous, bacon sprinkles and beetroot, orange and rocket salad

Venison Burgers / Beef Burgers – locally produced burgers served with chips , sticky onions, cheese slice, American mustard, sliced tomatoes, coleslaw and green salad


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